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The best and worst-case scenarios for the Magic’s draft lottery

May 16th, 2017 at 6:13 PM
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A couple weeks ago, Aaron put together an excellent preview of what’s at stake for the Magic entering tonight’s lottery. I strongly encourage you to read up on that to get an idea of the odds that the ping pong balls bounce in the Magic’s favor. I figured I’d put together a few other scenarios, too, including some more…exotic possibilities.

Before we get to those, though, let’s start with the obvious:

Best-case scenario: Magic pick 1st, Lakers pick 6th

Not too much to say here. The Magic could sorely use the top pick to start building some momentum back in the right direction. The interesting twist, as with many of these scenarios, is that the ideal outcome involves not just the Magic’s positioning, but the Lakers’ as well.

The Lakers conveying a first to the Magic doesn’t actually depend on them being 6th specifically, of course. They only have to fall out of the top-3, and if you assume the Magic jump them in the draft, that chance increases significantly. We’re going for absolute best-case scenarios, though, and from the Magic’s perspective, it’s best if the Lakers’ pick falls as low as possible. In theory, the worse pick they get this year, the worse the team will be in the coming seasons, which therefore makes the …

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