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People Need to Stop Picking on J.J. Redick for Attending a Justin Bieber Concert

January 28th, 2013 at 6:17 PM
By Josh McKinney

Throughout the day, I've read articles on various sites talking about how J.J. Redick went to a Justin Bieber concert on Saturday night at the Amway Center. But it isn't time to take away his man card yet. The Orlando Magic shooting guard insists he only went for the following reason:

"A happy wife is a happy life."

'Washington at Orlando 077' photo (c) 2012, Mike - license:

All of us who have a girlfriend or a wife can sympathize with Redick's decision to appease his wife, Chelsea, by attending a Bieber concert with her. If it were me, I would likely bring a set of earplugs and a nice book in an attempt to drown out the 18-year-old. No word on if Redick did the same, although he did have this to say:

"I do not have Bieber Fever."

"But I will say that I respect talent. I always respect talent. I'm not a hater. So I'm not a Bieber hater or anything like that. He at one point played acoustic guitar, the drums, the piano. He sang melodies. He sang love songs. He sang pop songs. He sang a rap song at one point. He danced like he was a puppet. I mean, it was incredible. So I have nothing against his talent. It's just not my taste in music at all." 

Just for the record, the sharpshooter's favorite music genre appears to be indie rock. The most important thing for him, though, is keeping a rock on the left ring finger of Mrs. Redick.

“I have a general rule that if I have an off-day during the season that I owe it to her to do what she wants unless it’s harmful to my well-being," Redick said. Her and her friends wanted to go.” 

Some may argue that attending a Bieber concert is harmful to one's well-being, but I digress.

Way to keep the wife happy, J.J. I feel your pain, but I understand the gain.




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