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Orlando Magic’s Oladipo Shines on Pro Summer League Roster

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Victor Oladipo is back in the spotlight as the Pro Summer League kicks off on Sunday. The Magic will be focusing majorly on Oladipo and what he will be bring to the team.

What Will Romero Osby Bring to the Orlando Magic?

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The Orlando Magic have selected Romero Osby in the second round of the 2013 NBA Draft. There is the question what he will bring to the Magic?

Orlando Magic Sign Jared Berggren After 2013 NBA Draft

After selecting Victor Oladipo during the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic signed Wisconsin forward, Jared Berggren on Friday.

Orlando Magic Select Victor Oladipo in 1st Round of 2013 NBA Draft

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The Orlando Magic have selected Victor Oladipo from Indiana University in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft.

Add Cody Zeller to the Orlando Magic’s Draft Rumors

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Cody Zeller was reported working out in Orlando on Monday, proving the Magic are not ruling anyone out in anticipation for any unpredictable moves in the 2013 NBA Draft on Thursday night.

Orlando Magic Trade Update: Andrew Nicholson and Caron Butler Added to the Deal

As rumors continue to fly around the potential trade between the Orland Magic and L.A. Clippers, moves with forwards Andrew Nicholson and Caron Butler have also been discussed in the deal.

Orlando Magic Planning to Trade Arron Affalo?

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Rumors are circulating that the Orlando Magic could trade guard Arron Affalo in the coming days.

Orlando Magic May Lose Oladipo to Cleveland Cavaliers

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Indiana University's Victor Oladipo will enter the NBA Draft this year with multiple teams fighting over him. Could two of those teams be the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Orlando Magic’s No. 2 Draft Pick Potentially for Sale

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The Orlando Magic are "seriously considering" selling their no. 2 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, which may effect the team's plans to rebuild.

Orlando Community Weighs in on Orlando Magic Draft Picks

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Fans of the Orlando Magic voted on 2013 NBA Draft picks for the team, and some interesting choices came up. Will the fans predict the future of the Magic?